For Clinical Researchers

Our Fast-Start Research App allows researchers to start generating heart health monitoring data for clinical studies within weeks.


For Clinical Researchers

Our Fast-Start Research App allows researchers to start generating heart health monitoring data for clinical studies within weeks.

Why Clinical Researchers love working
with Happitech

Trouble-free approval by research boards and regulators

The FastStart Research App has obtained the CE certification as a Class IIa Software Medical Device and has also been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA). It is also undergoing the FDA approval process for trouble-free approval by clinical trial approval boards and regulators.

Speedy data collection

Scope your data collection strategy and start gathering your data in less than a month. FastStart Research App also includes your own backend data repository. 

Quality data

Patient-friendly, heart health monitoring with the convenience of a smartphone and from the comfort of their own home to ensure patient engagement and compliance for the duration of your study.

FastStart Research App

It can take many months to get approval for a clinical research study. So, when at last you are ready to go, our FastStart Research App is designed to support clinical researchers to quickly and easily gather heart health data. Using photoplethysmography (PPG), clinical researchers can remotely measure and gather patient heart rate, heart rate variation, and atrial fibrillation detection data.

The FastStart Research App can be used with any iOS and Android smartphone that has a camera making it widely accessible to researchers and their patients anywhere, 24/7.

• Hardware-free

• Patient-friendly user interface

• Effortless, fast, modular integration into any clinical research pathway

• Customisable questionnaires, measurement frequency, connected devices

• Data collection summary every two weeks

Our Research Partners

We have multiple research partnerships with leading hospitals and academic institutions including Mount Sinai, Boston Children’s Hospital, OVLG, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Hartstichting, and UMC Utrecht.

Bil Kirmani, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, UK
Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Liverpool
Research Scholar, National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR)

"As the burden of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) continues to grow together with the cost and complexity of diagnosis and treatments, I am committed to exploring the potential and scope of emerging digital health technologies like Happitech's remote heart rhythm detection and monitoring. My focus is on researching how these technologies can expedite CVD diagnosis and ensure timely treatment. Simultaneously, we must uphold our responsibility to ensure that these tools are user-friendly, accessible to all, and clinically validated. Collaborating with the Happitech team is an exciting journey, pushing the boundaries of technology and pioneering innovative approaches that have the potential to significantly improve outcomes for my patients."

Case studies

For inspiration about how and where you could use FastStart Research App in your clinical research take a look at where we are using Happitech hardware-free heart health monitoring in a variety of screening, detection, and remote monitoring clinical pathways without technology partners and healthcare providers.

Discover how we are working in clinical research with leading clinicians and medical establishments

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